Jack’d Cover Concept

Happy Holidays to all! I'm thrilled to show you the cover concept for TaleSpins 3: Jack'd, created by the illustrious (get it?) John Skewes. The story is coming along very well. Q1 2013 should prove

Book Covers: Part I

I've been looking at cover art from various publications of Grimm's Fairy Tales and thought I'd post a 3-part series. Each part will feature 5 covers. In Part 1 we have two Red Riding Hoods,

Guest Post by Snow White

Greeting to the TaleSpins fans. I appreciate Michael letting me write some thoughts here. I’m afraid his version of things – however true – does not paint me in the most flattering light. I’m not here to

Over 1,000 FB Likes

A while back I created a Facebook page called 8: The Untold Story. I ran an ad and was thrilled to see my Page Likes climb up past 1,000. Truth be told, however, the Likes

“Creepy Says” Launches on FB

Going to throw some cynical sentiments out there, hoping they get passed around, create some awareness for Creepy and 8, and ultimately drive traffic into the TaleSpins world. Mm