Adapting Simon for the Small Screen

5•27•16 I'm currently working on a few different projects, one being an adaptation my novel Simon as Season 1 of an original anthology series. It's quite an undertaking but I'm ... taking it under. Or undertaking it. Seems

The Ultimate TaleSpin? [Part 3]

Did you hear the one about the guy who became a really famous author because of plays and sonnets some other guy wrote? Me either, but there is some thought-provoking evidence that the author of

The Ultimate TaleSpin? [Part 2]

In my previous post I entered the ongoing discussion popularly known as the "Shakespeare Authorship Debate." Several scholarly observations call into question whether or not the man known as William Shakespeare actually wrote all that

The Ultimate TaleSpin? [Part 1]

Whether it's an 8th dwarf or a unknown chapter in the life of a fairy tale witch, I've loosely defined "TaleSpins" as an alternative take on what you thought you knew. An unconventional "what if?"