Adapting Simon for the Small Screen

5•27•16 I'm currently working on a few different projects, one being an adaptation my novel Simon as Season 1 of an original anthology series. It's quite an undertaking but I'm ... taking it under. Or undertaking it. Seems

LA Times Festival of Books

Come see Gemiknight Press @ Booth 723

New YA Novel Cover Reveal

Here it is at long last! The cover design for Simon, my new YA novel that's a modern-day take on Hamlet.  

The Ultimate TaleSpin? [Part 3]

Did you hear the one about the guy who became a really famous author because of plays and sonnets some other guy wrote? Me either, but there is some thought-provoking evidence that the author of

The Ultimate TaleSpin? [Part 1]

Whether it's an 8th dwarf or a unknown chapter in the life of a fairy tale witch, I've loosely defined "TaleSpins" as an alternative take on what you thought you knew. An unconventional "what if?"