photo copyLitfest Pasadena was a hit. Here’s a pic of me and my daughter in the booth. Happy to report we were not sitting alone like that all day. Several sales and great contacts.






TaleSpins hardcover and paperback are in 2 popular local bookstores. I actually have a book signing event on the calendar for each store (July & Sept.)

Click on this pic and you can buy the book from this Vroman’s store.




Or … you can go to the all-new, just opened online store on this very site! It’s the exclusive location for the T-shirts, posters, art prints and print promo items that I made for Kickstarter backer rewards. Now you can get them too! And of course the book in all its formats is there too!



And speaking of the book, it’s finally up on amazon in all editions (hardcover, paperback and eBook). Click this pic to go there. The page says “temporarily out of stock” but that’s nonsense. (I’d know if they were out of stock!)

Lots of options. I hope you take advantage!