Chandler_Sch_03As an author, it’s great when your book is put on any list. (Provided the list isn’t Awful Books You Should Never Read or something like that.) That’s why I was thrilled and a bit humbled to be selected as Required Summer Reading 2014 for the entire middle school at the prestigious Chandler School in my hometown of Pasadena, CA. That’s every student in 6th, 7th and 8th grades spending some quality time with Creepy, Penny and Jack.

I’ll be working with the teachers to create an all-school assignment/contest. Kids will write their own alternative fairytale or retelling, and I’ll be the judge when I go talk at the school in the Fall. Should be a blast. (And heaven knows I have enough T-shirts for prizes!) Can’t wait to see what the kids come up with.

The honor of being selected forced the issue of me reordering books. I’m running low and have been dragging my feet a bit. I assured my Kickstarter backers that I would not be seeking their help this time around. Some people actually do that: get funded through Kickstarter and then ask again with a new campaign for their “Issue #2” or next print run. Seems to me like the epitome of lame if you’re not conducting business in a way that lets you sell and use some of that money to move forward and grow. But hey, that’s just me. Trying to avoid “lame” whenever possible.