Here’s a sneak peek at some projects that currently have my attention.


First there’s this:

A humor book that’s the brainchild of my old friend and former Disney colleague Jeff Shelly. This is a “found” travel guide that reveals a long-hidden truth: Martians have been vacationing on earth for centuries! The book teaches Martians what to check out, how to blend in and all sorts of other essentials to get the most out of their visit to their blue planetary neighbor!


This is the teaser poster we’re using to promote the upcoming title.

This is Jeff’s illustration style for the book. There will be LOTS of pictures.

Then there’s this: 

A grown-up thriller novel about gambling, internet shaming and serial killing. It’s called Owned, and here is an exclusive, first-ever teaser image. (Sorry – that’s all you’re getting for now.)


And this:

Bookstache, a children’s fantasy adventure in which a boy discovers his grandfather’s bookstore is a portal to a goblin world!


And of course . . . this:

We printed “Book 1” on the cover of Rocketboy: The Return of Dr. Megaton for a reason. The adventure WILL continue! Stay tuned for updates on what Skyler and his friends will be taking on next!

And lastly . . . this:

What’s next after writing an award-winning update of Hamlet? A sequel, of course! I know that sounds like a bad joke (Hamlet 2????) but I’m actually serious. An outline for a new novel titled  I Know Not Seems is well underway.