Over 1,000 FB Likes

A while back I created a Facebook page called 8: The Untold Story. I ran an ad and was thrilled to see my Page Likes climb up past 1,000. Truth be told, however, the Likes

“Creepy Says” Launches on FB

Going to throw some cynical sentiments out there, hoping they get passed around, create some awareness for Creepy and 8, and ultimately drive traffic into the TaleSpins world. Mm

Free Promo Nets 407 Downloads

Offering Penny for free for 4 days on Amazon Select saw 407 downloads. The hope is that people will enjoy the story and follow the link on the last page to 8 – which remains at

Get Penny for Free: Last Day Today

I'm conducting a free promotion for The Plight and Plot of Princess Penny through 3/6. For Kindle and Kindle apps only. Hundreds have downloaded the 7,200-word book, and for a bit yesterday, it climbed as

Princess Penny Published

My second book, The Plight and Plot of Princess Penny came out on February 22, which was also the anniversary of the Miracle on Ice in 1980. (But I swear, I did not plan that.)

8: The Untold Story is a Critical Success

The first TaleSpins book was published back in November of 2010. It's titled: 8: The Previously Untold Story of the Previously Unknown 8th Dwarf. Long title, I know, but that was for effect. With 70

The Launch Post

I have been told (many times) that if I want to sell books and gain a following as an author, I've gotta blog. So here it is . . . at long last. TaleSpins™ is