What Do I Know?

This post was written before the two stories became three and were printed in the compilation titled TaleSpins. As you can tell by the title, banner and basic foundation of this blog, I'm marketing and

On Immortality: Vampires Vegetables & Vegas

Snow White. Sherlock Holmes. Luke Skywalker. The best characters and stories live on forever. We read – and some of us write – for a chance to take part in this transcendent process. These days

Kreativ Blogger Award Nomination

Thanks to Maureen over at My Color-Coded Life for nominating TaleSpins for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Maureen writes regularly about 2 things I suck at: organizing and getting stuff done. I read her blog like most people

Evolution of a Cover: Penny

In creating the Penny cover, John really defined a signature TaleSpins look. The biggest help I offered to this end was (eventually) getting the hell out of his way. That said, it all started with

Evolution of a Cover: 8

I'm going to stay on the book cover theme just a bit longer here as I examine the TaleSpins 8 cover from concept to finish in 4 images. The covers were done by John Skewes,

Book Covers: Part III

Before I get to the final 5 selected covers, back in Part I there's a Hansel and Gretel image I really like, but one in which the typography looks like it came from a photocopied

Book Covers: Part II

Here are my thoughts and impressions on the second set of fairy tale covers. I hope you enjoy the images. This one I love. It comes from IDW, primarily a comic publisher. The simple, sinister

Book Covers: Part I

I've been looking at cover art from various publications of Grimm's Fairy Tales and thought I'd post a 3-part series. Each part will feature 5 covers. In Part 1 we have two Red Riding Hoods,

Guest Post by Snow White

Greeting to the TaleSpins fans. I appreciate Michael letting me write some thoughts here. I’m afraid his version of things – however true – does not paint me in the most flattering light. I’m not here to

First Blog Review for Penny

The Plight and Plot of Princess Penny has gotten some great feedback on goodreads, but this is the first review to appear on an independent blog. Coreena has a well designed, informative blog with many