Graphic Novel Giveaway on GoodReads!

  Enter to win 1 of 10 free copies of 8: The Untold Story, the graphic novel adaptation of Creepy the 8th dwarf's cult-hit story. Written by Michael Mullin and drawn by former Disney artists

Gemiknight Enjoys Successful Public Launch

    The LA Times Festival of Books proved to be a great first (and second!) day for Gemiknight Press. Lots of interest, conversations, and yes, even book sales. My accidental genius was creating that vertical banner

Gemiknight to Launch at LA Times Festival of Books

April 12th & 13th! It's the largest book fair in the U.S. (so I've read), and this year one of its many booths will house the new independent publisher GEMIKNIGHT PRESS. If you're thinking of

3K on FB!

It's become kind of a thing for me to report every 1,000 Like milestone for 8: The Untold Story on Facebook. A "thing" meaning I've done it twice: at 1,000 and 2,000. Well guess what?

Required Summer Reading

As an author, it's great when your book is put on any list. (Provided the list isn't Awful Books You Should Never Read or something like that.) That's why I was thrilled and a bit humbled

“8” and “Princess Penny” No Longer for Individual Sale

In an effort to make things less confusing in the marketplace, I will only be selling the three-story collection TaleSpins now, print and Kindle™ eBook at amazon and Nook™ eBook at Nook Press. And of

Publishers Weekly likes TaleSpins

I submitted to the new PW Select, the premiere trade magazine's quarterly supplement that provides a listing of indie/self-published titles by genre. A select few of those submitted get reviewed. My appearance wasn't due until

The Fall Calendar

I'm happy to report that TaleSpins awareness is indeed growing. Here's a look at what's ahead in the coming weeks:   SEPT 29th – WEST HOLLYWOOD BOOK FAIR I'll be a featured author for the Flintridge Bookstore &

Event Update & More

Last weekend's reading and signing went well. My first time doing that, so I'll admit it feels great to have the experience behind me. I sold some books and made some new contacts. It helped

Bookstore Reading & Signing

Pasadena Area Peeps! I'll be reading some of 8 and signing copies of TaleSpins on Saturday, July 13th at 2pm at the world famous Vroman's Bookstore on Colorado. Stop by if you're in the area